Services are compliant with the requirements of the Rental Housing Act No 50 of 1999 and all related legislation, offering peace of mind to both professional and laymen investors.

Wakefields Property Management offers tailor made solutions for property rentals to the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, where Landlords require:

  • Procurement of tenants for single residential units.
  • Full managed service for single residential units.
  • Full leasing, rent collection and building management services
    for multi unit residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
Services to single residential units
Procurement of tenants
This basic procurement service is suited to Landlords who are knowledgeable in the legal framework of the residential rental market and who are able to devote adequate time to rent collection themselves.
This service includes the following functions:
  • Rental assessment and advice on enhancements
    necessary to maximise rental potential.

  • Provision of statutory defects lists and advice to
    Landlords on their obligations in terms of the Rental
    Housing Act.

  • Collection and payment to Landlords of the Tenant's
    security deposit and first month's rental.
  • Advertising for potential tenants.

  • Interviewing prospective tenants, obtaining detailed
    particulars, checking references and assessing
    credit worthiness.

  • Preparation and signature of lease compliant with the
    Rental Housing Act and supplying copies of the signed
    lease to Landlord and tenant.
With this service, the tenant pays all subsequent monthly rentals to the Landlord and all further dealings are conducted directly between Landlord and Tenant.
Full Managed Service
NB Landlords who are not proficient in the collection of rentals and the legal aspects governing the Landlord / Tenant relationship are advised to make use of this comprehensive service.
This service includes the following functions (in addition to the
Procurement Service functions):
  • Collection of security deposit and investment thereof in
    accordance with legislative requirement.

  • Arranging entry and exit inspections in accordance with legal

  • Issuing of monthly rental statement to tenants, collection of
    rental and credit control in the event of slow or non-payment.

  • Arrangement of repairs and maintenance, and payment of
    related expenses.

  • Payment of expenses such as municipal utilities, bond
    instalments, rates and levies incurred in the administration of
    the premises.

  • Access to our Online Portal, which provides access to cash flow
    statements, tenant arrears, lease agreements, copies of
    invoices paid and much more.

  • Continuous property rental assessment and revision of
    property rentals according to market conditions.
Multi Tenanted properties
Full building management service
This service is available to Landlords of multi tenanted residential, commercial and industrial properties and is a fully comprehensive one designed to maximise return on investment while minimising day to day involvement of the Landlord.
Every aspect of physical building management and tenancy maintenance is catered for by the allocation of the Landlord's
requirements to a team comprising:
  • Portfolio Manager - directly accountable to the Landlord
    for every aspect of the building management.

  • Building Inspector
  • Leasing Broker

  • Collections Clerk

  • Bookkeeper
Functions performed by this team include the following:
  • The sourcing of credit rated tenants.

  • Collection of rents.

  • Periodic building inspections.

  • Arrangement of repairs.
  • Assist with the hiring of staff and payment of wages.

  • Payment to creditors.

  • Accounting in detail to Landlords on a monthly basis.

  • Compilation and submission of VAT returns.

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